Pre-set Surface
Drilling Solutions

Offering turnkey pre-set surface interval wellbore construction services that utilize fit for purpose drilling rigs and closed-loop mud systems to drill surface intervals and run surface casing at a fraction of the expense that would be incurred if a full-size rig was utilized.

EnerCorp drives down the cost of wellbore construction by utilizing fit for purpose drilling and casing running solutions.

Driving cost out of wellbore construction is a continuous optimization process that operators pursue year after year to improve the profitability of their wells. EnerCorp has invested in capabilities that are specifically designed for drilling and casing surface hole intervals. Full size rigs are designed to construct wells with total depths in excess of 20,000 feet. Because of this, the equipment day rate is high, the crew required to staff is large, and the emissions generated are significant. Choosing EnerCorp’s surface rig solution will significantly lower your costs while also lowering your HSE exposure.

EnerCorp has state of the art drilling equipment to ensure operational efficiency for a broad range of surface drilling applications. Some highlights include:
  • A fleet of Atlas Copco RD20 XC drilling rigs specifically designed for surface drilling applications
  • Capable of drilling hole sizes up to 17-1/2” in diameter with downhole motors and MWD equipment
  • Hydraulic makeup and breakout tongs for handling pipe and collars minimizes safety concerns
  • Closed-loop mud circulation system complete with solids handling package to reduce environmental exposure
  • Casing running tools provide the capability to drill the interval and then run casing with no need for a third-party casing crew

EnerCorp capability

EnerCorp can provide you the support you need to minimize your costs and your environmental footprint.

Whether you are drilling just a few wells or hundreds of wells, our fit for purpose surface wellbore construction solution can help enhance your operations. EnerCorp’s offering has the capability to deliver your surface wellbore from spudding the interval all the way through to cementing the casing in place and skidding to the next well on the pad.

Our solution lowers your spend on expensive full scale drilling rig day rates, reduces personnel on-site thereby lowering cost and HSE risks, consumes less fuel to lower emissions, and prevents switching between mud systems in certain applications. Let EnerCorp support your drilling needs.