Pre-set Surface
Drilling Solutions

Fit-for-purpose drilling rigs and closed-loop mud systems that lower your costs and optimize operations.
you don’t need a full-size rig

Drive down the cost of wellbore construction with a solution made for your application

Improving profitability on your well is an ongoing process. Many of the operators we work with tell us it’s a constant battle between getting the right equipment and keeping an eye on their bottom line.

However, one of the biggest issues in our industry is that many service providers don’t use technology customized for specific applications. Full-size rigs are designed to construct wells with total depths greater than 20,000 feet. This results in high equipment day rates with a massive crew to staff the rig, and generates a high amount of emissions.

When you’re drilling surface intervals and running surface casing, you don’t need a full-size rig.

At EnerCorp, we use fit-for-purpose technology that is suited to your specific application. This means you pay a fraction of the cost that you would incur for a full-size rig, and get better results.

See the difference a custom solution can make to your bottom line.


Is the cost of using a full-size rig for surface interval drilling sending you into the red?

6 Benefits of Using a Spudder Rig for Pre-Set Surface DrillingThat’s because it’s the wrong equipment for the job. While using a full-size rig for surface interval drilling may be convenient, it’s not a fit-for-purpose solution.

Learn how you can lower your surface interval drilling costs and optimize your operations with EnerCorp’s spudder rig, designed specifically for drilling surface intervals and running surface casing.

Download 6 Benefits of Using a Spudder Rig for Pre-Set Surface Drilling today to learn more.

Lower operating expenses

We meet any surface drilling application head on

At EnerCorp, we use the appropriate drilling equipment that is designed specifically for drilling surface intervals and running surface casing. What does this mean for your business? Lower operating expenses, better timelines, and decreased HSE exposure.

Our equipment highlights include:

Custom surface-drilling technology: We have a fleet of Atlas Copco RD20 XC drilling rigs

Range of drilling capabilities: We can drill hole sizes up to 17-1/2” in diameter with downhole motors and MWD equipment

Minimized safety concerns: Our hydraulic makeup and breakout tongs for handling pipe and collars keeps everyone safe

Reduced environmental exposure: We use a closed-loop mud circulation system complete with solids handling package

No need for third-party casing crew: Our casing running tools enable us to drill the interval and then run casing ourselves

The full-size rigs you may have used in the past for surface drilling run up your costs for equipment and labor. See what a difference a fit-for-purpose solution can make.

EnerCorp’s Spudder Rig Reduces Wellbore Construction Costs by 35% to 40%

Find out how we helped our clients significantly reduce their operating costs for surface interval drilling and running surface casing.

reduce HSE exposure

Minimize your environmental footprint along with your costs

At EnerCorp, we don’t believe in hauling out equipment and personnel to your site without first carefully considering your well and its specific requirements. By using turnkey pre-set surface interval wellbore construction services tailored to your wellsite, we reduce your day rates and personnel on site.

However, another key benefit is that our equipment consumes less fuel which lowers emissions, and prevents switching between mud systems in certain applications. By reducing the environmental impact of your well, you reduce HSE exposure.

Let’s talk about creating a fit-for-purpose solution for your well.


Optimize your surface drilling operation with the right equipment for the job.