2020 Leader Of The Year – Ryan O’Tool

EnerCorp CA Leader of the Year - 06-05-2021 - Website
EnerCorp CA Leader of the Year - 06-05-2021 - Website

For 2020 in Canada, Ryan O’Tool was nominated by the team and selected to receive our Leader of the Year award.

Ryan truly embodies the EnerCorp values.  His compassion and care for our employees and community are two of his qualities that the team respects the most about him.  His dedication and leadership has led the Grande Prairie facility through a challenging year, we are grateful for his guidance.

Ryan’s passion for quality fabrication and his desire to empower others to learn more about this valuable trade has inspired him to consistently volunteer with various trade organizations supporting women and young adults to seek out a profession in this segment of the industry.

Thank you, Ryan, for everything that you do, we are grateful to have you as a leader in the EnerCorp organization.  Pictured here is Ryan receiving his award from Jesse Permann, SVP of Canadian Operations for EnerCorp.

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