2020 SOC Program Awards

SOC Program 2020
SOC Program 2020

EnerCorp’s expectation is that every employee in our company participates in our safety program, with a heavy emphasis on our Safety Observation program.

We fully believe that through the practice of looking for hazards, correcting unsafe conditions, and addressing unsafe behaviors we are building a health safety culture and a safer work environment for our teams.

Each year, EnerCorp recognizes a very special group of employees.  Across two countries and six operating districts, three employees are selected for their exceptional safety participation throughout the year.  These three employees contribute not only the greatest volume of safety observations, but also the highest quality of observations.

Please join us in recognizing our 2020 SOC Champion Cary Pair, 2nd place Top SOC Performer Leonard Sanchez, and our 3rd place Top SOC Performer Jamie McZeal.

We truly appreciate all you do for this company and the teams you work with.

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