EnerCorp is changing the face of flowback in the Haynesville.

A new client operating in Cotton Valley formation made the switch from a traditional sand knockout to EnerCorp’s 10K psi rated Sahara Advanced Cyclone.  The client had run traditional sand knockouts on a prior pad, but it lacked sand separation efficiency and resulted in increased chargebacks.  EnerCorp worked closely with the client to develop an engineered solution utilizing the Sahara Advanced Cyclone, gate valve manifold, and a three Phase 2K psi test separator to sales line.  Over the course of the job, the majority of the sand was captured in the Sahara Advanced Cyclone and prevented washouts on downstream equipment with no carry over.

On the job, the Sahara Advanced Cyclone helped increase sand separation efficiency and reduced post job redress charges by nearly 50% compared to the clients traditional flowback setup.

Are you ready to capture more sand, eliminate carry over, and reduce charge backs? Let us optimize your flowback today.

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