Brother’s Keeper Award | Mark Gonzalez


We believe we have top employees on our team, and we love to recognize them every chance we get. And, on occasion, an employee stands out for an exceptional act of service.

Recently, Mark Gonzalez, one of our Torque and Test operators, was traveling down the highway and witnessed a major two-car accident.  Without hesitation, Mark came to a stop and placed his truck and trailer in a position that ensured others would not strike the vulnerable vehicles. He approached the car and saw there was an older female and a young boy hanging upside down inside. Mark gathered assistance from other people on the scene and was able to flip the vehicle right side up. He then observed that the boy was ok but could not get out of the car due to the doors being jammed. Mark along with the other bystanders were able to pry open the door and assist in getting the boy to safety while waiting on emergency services to arrive.

Some people pass by accidents and hope everyone is ok.  Some people stop and freeze up.  And the rare few will stop and jump into action.  We recognize this unique trait as a “Brother’s Keeper” and we are exceptionally proud to present Mark with the Brother’s Keeper Award.

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