eFlowback is Environmentally Friendly


The status quo of flowback and sand management is changing.

Instead of utilizing commodity equipment that is not fully optimized to clean up the well’s production, operators are looking for highly engineered solutions that can be customized for their specific applications. The traditional approach of hauling out a large amount of equipment to the wellsite, along with a lot of personnel, is obviously very inefficient, but it’s also not environmentally optimized.

eFlowback, EnerCorp’s pioneering flowback technology, enables operators to autonomously and remotely monitor all of the equipment at their wellsite, with multiple safety features that offer extra layers of protection against any uncontrolled environmental releases. Not only that, because the equipment is highly engineered for the specifications of your well, less equipment is needed overall. This results in less points of potential emission.

Challenge yourself! Change the status quo of your flowback, and take flowback forward with eFlowback!

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