EnerCorp Canadian 2018 Awards & Scholarships

Chris Anderson Memorial Award

This award is dedicated to the efforts and cost saving initiatives Chris Anderson achieved during his tenure at EnerCorp Sand Solutions Inc.

This award will be presented to any employee who demonstrates significant initiatives in cost saving strategies and therefore adding value to EnerCorp Sand Solutions Inc. as a whole.

Chris Anderson Award

Ryan O’Toole & Augustine Ikpong

Every year we like to recognize an employee who took a huge step forward to help the company save time and money. This year we were unable to single out just one employee because of the incredible job our QC department did. We decided to split our Chris Anderson award and reward both Ryan O’Toole and Augustine Ikpong. Ryan and Augustine have done amazing things this year including setting up our new metal core welding procedure which saves us countless time in various welding applications, as well Augustine completed his level 2 for CWB. With this we are now able to start our CWB program which will open the doors to a whole new avenue of possible work, and has allowed to build our new weld-test bender, The Lie Detector, which allows us to do in house testing saving us the money to have it sourced out not to mention on the spot tickets which is huge for the Fab team. Ryan also procuring our new scribing machine that will again allow us to do things in house as opposed to sourcing it out. These are the things Ryan and Augustine have done to go above and beyond their due diligence and doesn’t even begin to touch on the great strides they’ve made in getting our QC program to the place it is today. Ryan, and Augustine are Currently working on our API certificate as well procedure. They have both successfully passed their API 510 exam allowing them to become API inspectors for us in house. They are both highly respected and are truly an indispensable part of the EnerCorp family.

EnerCorp Dave Stojan Scholarship

The scholarship will be awarded to the apprentice who wins the majority of in-favour votes from his/her fellow EnerCorp employees. Employees eligible to vote must be a fulltime employee of EnerCorp in a non-management role. Voters are asked to consider the apprentice’s work ethic, skill level, and application of EnerCorp core values in their daily work along with their long-term potential in their industry.

Dave Stojan Award

Butch Songahid

Butch Songahid has shown leaps and bounds in improving as an apprentice pipefitter since first joining EnerCorp. He is always eager and willing to learn anything he possibly can. He’s been very dependable and has a great attitude. This work ethic and attitude has been recognized by his coworkers and now they’ve voted for him to be their top apprentice and receive the Dave Stojan Scholarship. Butch has a long and prosperous career ahead of him and we are honored to call him an EnerCorp employee.

EnerCorp “CEO” Scholarship

The scholarship will be awarded to the apprentice who has been chosen by the management team. The management team will consider the apprentice’s work ethic, skill level, the application of EnerCorp core values in their daily work along with their long-term potential in their industry.

President Scholarship Award

Conway Ferguson

Conway Ferguson was awarded this years EnerCorp’s CEO scholarship. Conway has a true passion for the welding trade and this past year he has demonstrated his willingness to learn and grow as an apprentice. Conway is hardworking, highly motivated and prides himself on always giving 100% effort to any task that he assigned. Conway is not afraid to ask questions and his high quality of work speaks for itself. Conway’s positive attitude and on the Job performance is a great indication that he will excel in his upcoming apprenticeship training.

Employee Of The Year

Andrew Carbonneau

Andrew Carbonneau has done an outstanding job as lead hand this past year, Every task Andrew is given no matter how big or small he always ensures it is done to the highest standard, he takes great pride in his work, his attention to detail is well recognized by his fellow crew members and by seeing this on a day to day basis they have also improved their own skills with help from Andrew’s training and mentorship. Andrew  is one of the most dedicated and punctual employees we currently have at EnerCorp, he is always early and well prepared for every shift and can always be counted on to be at work. Apart from is attendance he is always one of the guys that will stay late, come in early or give up his weekends to get the job done.  This past year Andrew was enrolled in the Dale Carnegie course and he truly excelled, Andrew won many awards during his time in the course including the Human Relations Award, Outstanding Performance Award and The Highest Award of Achievement which is given out at Graduation. Another great attribute Andrew demonstrates that cannot be left out is his sense of humor, he’s a guy that can lighten the mood no matter the situation and put a smile on anybody’s face this among many other reasons makes him very well respected by his co workers.

Employee Of The Year

Geoff Barnes

Geoff Barnes has made countless improvements to Enercorp’s rental fleet and division as a whole. I am always impressed with the amount he accomplishes in a day while keeping a crew organized and efficient as possible. The leadership role that he took on and flourished in when taking on his new title of Rentals Coordinator is nothing short of impressive. Our customers always have the best things to say about Geoff and how he won’t leave till they are happy or the jobs done, and done correctly. There’s no doubt that Geoff will share this honor with his beautiful family that supports all the effort he gives to this company. His wife and three beautiful girls are always behind him when he’s needed to help a customer and we can’t thank them enough for their patience and understanding.

My warmest congratulations to you Geoff, I can’t speak any higher of how well you and your work are perceived in this company. It is a positive contribution that deserves our recognition. I am proud to say that you are a very valued and respected member of the Enercorp family.

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