EnerCorp has your sand management solution


Are you an operator currently satisfied with your Flowback provider but still facing challenges in keeping sand out of your production equipment? We understand your frustration, and we have great news for you!

EnerCorp has recently entered the rental space with our Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone, specifically designed to tackle sand-related issues head-on. Our industry-leading cyclones boast an impressive capability, removing over 97% of proppants, including ultra-fine particles as small as 100 microns—smaller than 100 mesh sand!

Even if you're satisfied with your current Flowback provider, it's time to experience the EnerCorp advantage when it comes to effective sand management. Our Sahara cyclones are the ultimate solution for optimizing sand management, ensuring smooth operations and minimal downtime.

Contact us today to learn more about our rental options and how our Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone can revolutionize your flowback operation. Don't let sand hold you back any longer—choose EnerCorp for unparalleled sand management expertise.

Learn more about the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone from EnerCorp

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