EnerCorp SOC 2018 & Brother’s Keeper Awards


Cary Pair

EnerCorp is proud to recognize Cary Pair for his outstanding participation in our Safety Observation Program. HSE Director Gareth Young presented Cary with The SOC Champion of Year Award for 2018 during his recent trip to the Permian Basin. Cary’s contribution to the safety program in 2018 was exceptional, helping us shape our safety culture throughout the company. Congratulations Cary, we appreciate all your hard work.

2nd place Safety Observation Program 2018

Rudy Ruiz

Rudy Ruiz earned second place in our Safety Observation Program for 2018. Rudy’s commitment to safety is impressive, as this is the second year in a row that he has achieved second place. EnerCorp is continually improving its safety culture with the assistance of employee’s like Rudy who truly care for the health and safety of those around him. Congratulations Rudy, we truly appreciate your continued hard work.

3rd place Safety Observation Program 2018

Pin Sotelo

EnerCorp is proud to award third place in our Safety Observation Program for 2018 to Pin Sotelo. Pin was our 2017 SOC Champion of the Year and continues to participate in the program by watching out for his team members. Anyone that has worked around Pin will attest to his dedication to safety and his truly caring attitude towards his co-workers. Thank you Pin for being a safety leader in this company.

‘Brother’s keeper’ Award

Karl Hannah

One of EnerCorp’s core values is caring for others. Our employees display that quality each and every day. However, from time to time, an employee displays that quality in such a way as to go above and beyond and potentially save a life. Karl Hannah received the Brother’s Keeper Award for always watching over the West Texas teams, as well as for his assistance in removing a dangerous driver from the highway when traveling home. Karl witnessed extremely dangerous and erratic driving by a vehicle and went out of his way to contact DPS and ensure that driver was removed from the roadways by the authorities. Karl, thank you for all you do to keep our teams safe and caring enough about your fellow man so as to always speak up and take action.

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