EnerCorp’s leading edge Dual Cyclonic Sand Separators

Our Dual Cyclonic Sand Separators are pushing the limits for total sand accumulation, efficiency and ease of operation in the Bakken Basin. 

Recently, our sand separator units were put to the test in an early flow-back operation, aggressive choke schedule and with a high degree of performance, captured 24,000lbs of sand in a only a few short hours, without carry over.

With this technology at their disposal, engineers can now save both time and effort while having the knowledge and security that the EnerCorp offers them the most efficient desander on the market.

It should be mentioned that our 5000Psi, 10,000Psi and 15,000Psi units are equipped with early warning detection and monitoring systems, which provide completions & production engineers with the most accurate well performance data available. In addition, this provides operators real-time information to optimize blowdown schedules.


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