The EnerCorp engineering team is always working to develop the next industry-leading technology. The Sahara Advanced Cyclone is a perfect example of this.

They knew we eventually wanted to develop a fully automated ecosystem, but to do so there was need for a single unit that had an effective efficiency of 100% particle capture at a selected micron size. Additionally, it needed to be a single unit that would be effective on any well in the North American Land market regardless of the pressure and flowrates. This seems like a big ask, but our engineering team was up for the challenge.

The initial design work included 12+ months of CFD simulations, 4,000+ hours of computer simulation, two prototypes, and 18 months of field tests on dozens of wells.

This long process of design and testing allowed the engineering team to have complete confidence in the performance of the Sahara Advanced Cyclone. Consequently, this development process led to the most recent product development of the industry’s first automated flowback ecosystem, eFlowback.

EnerCorp’s engineering team is constantly taking flowback forward. We can't wait to see what they come up with next!

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