Eric Omenson – 4 Year


Today marks the 4 year anniversary of when EnerCorp’s SVP of USA Operations, Eric Omenson, joined our team.

Eric is pictured here during his first week on the job 4 years ago. He left a secure job during a challenging time in the industry to pursue an opportunity with EnerCorp to create the best sand management business in the industry.

Initially, Eric was supporting the company as the head of business development in leading the effort in growing our sand management product line. Fast forward 4 years later and after the merging of three companies, Eric now leads operations for one of the largest well flow and sand management companies in the USA. We would like to say thank you to Eric for his countless hours of hard work, his commitment to improvement, his humility, his passion, and his ability to execute and win. We are lucky to have you Eric and we appreciate you!

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