From the field to the office, we’re united in understanding the business


We hold a high standard for all our team members to understand the business from the ground up. That’s why our Permian HR team recently embarked on an exciting field visit to the Permian Basin.

During their time in the field, they immersed themselves in learning about our industry-leading technology. They took the opportunity to meet the hardworking team in action, exchanging valuable insights and building strong relationships.

By experiencing the field firsthand, our HR team gained a deeper understanding of the challenges and successes that our team members face every day. This knowledge enables us to better support and serve our exceptional workforce.

At EnerCorp, we're committed to fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous learning. Together, we strive for excellence and a shared understanding of our business, ensuring we deliver the best solutions for our clients. This is the EnerCorp 1-TEam mindset!

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