Cost Savings Case Study

Haynesville Customer Saves Big On Coiled Tubing and Sand Carryover Damage Costs with EnerCorp

Location: Haynesville Shale

The Problem

A client in the Haynesville was looking to reduce expenses while eliminating the need for coiled tubing to drill out plugs. As a result, both wellbores on site were completed using only dissolvable plug technology.

However, this posed a major challenge for the customer because the lack of coiled tubing meant that more sand would be brought to the surface during flowback. The high sand volumes were a concern for the customer because this would be their first attempt at turning the wells to sales right after frac, without having to clean out the wellbore via coiled tubing intervention.

If the sand is not managed properly during flowback, it can result in thousands of dollars in damages to production facilities. In this case, a high quantity of sand was expected during flowback as the customer did not have coiled tubing in place.

Application Characteristics

Cotton Valley formation
Panola County, Texas
Oil, Gas, Water
Well #1:
1 lbs
Well #2:
,0100 lbs

Haynesville coiled tubing case study by EnerCorp - edit

The Solution

At EnerCorp, we work closely with our customers in any capacity to meet their goals. Reducing their costs is important to us, as is reducing their equipment footprint — all while maximizing their efficiencies.

Our Ops, Engineering, and Sales teams worked in partnership with this customer to understand their particular sand management needs and concerns about the wells. Once we knew the results they wanted to achieve, we engineered a customized flowback solution with a plug catcher upstream to catch any plug debris and buttons. Plus, we brought in our industry-leading sand management technology, the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone.

The Sahara Sand Cyclone leads the market in sand capture results, capturing over 97% of sand. Once virtually all sand is removed from the stream, we can minimize damage to our customer’s production facility.

The Results

Over the 28 days of flowback, the two wells produced a total of 35,328 lbs of sand. Not only that, our advanced hydrocyclone prevented any sand carryover to the customer’s downstream equipment and prevented NPT.

The same equipment that was rigged up on day 1 remained in place till day 28, with only minimal maintenance required on the dump lines of the Sahara.

As a result of our successful completion of the job and the cost savings the customer received, they decided to work with EnerCorp exclusively for the remainder of 2022. They will be using only full wellbores of dissolvable plugs in addition to EnerCorp’s industry-leading sand management technology.

In addition to saving on the cost of damages as a result of sand carryover, the customer also saved an estimated $200,000 per well on coiled tubing.

Want to reduce expenses while enhancing flowback? Get in touch with EnerCorp today to learn how our out-of-the-box thinking can help you achieve your goals.

The customer saved
on coiled tubing
The 2 wells produced
328 lbs
of sand