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If you rewind the clock a couple years, sand management looked completely different from what EnerCorp is doing today.

A typical single well job site would have multiple sand separators, a three-phase separator, flare stack, frac tanks, and more. Every piece of equipment required extra personnel to run and manage each unit as well as transportation to and from the job site. Like many others are still doing, we worked this way for a little while with great results.

However, we recognized that this approach was far from ideal. We knew we have a commitment to innovation, and we were in a position to address our customer’s pain points with our in-house engineering team. We looked at these older processes with an engineer’s eyes. How can we eliminate excess equipment and redefine inefficient processes?

This lead to the development of the Sahara Advanced Cyclone, which later enabled the innovation of the first fully autonomous flowback ecosystem, eFlowback.

Continuous innovation is how you make yourself better, both as a person and as a company. At EnerCorp, we are the pioneers of flowback, and we have truly revolutionized the face of sand management.

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