We recognize the value of building a safe work culture. From our manufacturing facility, to our operations facilities, and ultimately in the field, we strive for Safe Operations. We also understand a safe work culture cannot thrive if it is only focused on while at work. Because of this, we pride ourselves on living our core values and safety culture while at work and at home.

One way we support our safety culture is by supporting foundations that align with our safety priorities. The Kailee Mills Foundation has a mission to prevent fatality and injury resulting from non-seat belt use through awareness, education, and community involvement. With our employees driving so much, vehicle and seat belt safety is extremely critical. In a recent safety meeting, the team discussed the Kailee Mills Foundation and the importance of seat belt safety. It doesn’t matter the distance you are going or the amount of time a seat belt is off, an accident can happen at any time.

Take some time to talk to your teams and loved ones about working and living safe. Real safety is not achieved by accident, but rather by consistent effort.

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