At EnerCorp, HSE has been a priority at the company since its inception. Our processes, technology, and operations are geared towards keeping our people and the environment safe. 

The processes and programs we have in place ensure our team is in good hands, and the technology is designed to reduce health and safety issues for employees as well as minimize the risk of environmental exposures at the wellsite.

Our latest initiative, eFlowback, has completely transformed the way the oil and gas industry approaches the flowback and sand management process. Traditional flowback operations haul out a large amount of equipment, and all the personnel to operate it, to the wellsite. This is not only inefficient and environmentally reckless, but it also puts employees at higher levels of risk.

Our fit-for-purpose approach is used in every service we provide, from flowback and well testing to sand management services and beyond. Whether an operator needs desanding services or pre-set surface drilling solutions, they get a highly engineered solution that is in line with our company’s HSE values.

In our recent article, learn how we are not only pioneering flowback, but also using our top-tier safety culture to improve the safety posture of the industry

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