Safety Focus: Working at Height


In June, we are shining a spotlight on EnerCorp’s 6th Life Saving Rule: Working at Height. Did you know that falls from height account for approximately 16% of workplace fatalities in our industry every year? That’s why it’s crucial to prioritize safety when working at heights

At EnerCorp, we ensure that only trained and authorized personnel handle tasks at height. If you haven't received proper training, remember: don't climb. Your safety is our top priority.

Inspecting your fall protection equipment before each use is essential. Check for any signs of damage such as cracks, wear, tears, cuts, or burns. Make sure metal components are intact, snap hooks open/close and lock properly, and anchor points are correctly rated.

When it comes to ladder safety, inspect the ladder, secure it in place, maintain three points of contact at all times, and remember the 4 to 1 rise over run ladder angle.

Always have a rescue plan in place before starting work at height. Your preparedness can make a lifesaving difference in case of an emergency.

Let's prioritize safety together and ensure that every day on the job is a safe one.

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