Safety Leader — Austin Sammons


Being a Safety Leader is an expectation for all of our frontline leadership. Safety is an integral part of all of our operations, which is why we live by the principal that SAFE OPERATIONS is a single discipline.

In the spirit of competition, we challenge our leaders to try and outperform their peers each month and reach for the gold.  It’s a bit different than a traditional race.  Instead of competing against your teammates to win at their loss, our Safety Leaders win by out-serving their teammates.

Pictured above is our Shop Foreman, Austin Sammons, being recognized as the top Safety Leader for the month and receiving a small token of our appreciation for his efforts. This means he consistently engaged his team in meaningful conversations to help guide them to a better understanding of our safe work practices; building value for them as to why we do what we do when it comes to safety.

Austin, we truly appreciate your dedication to our company and the team you work with each day.  Keep leading from the front!

EnerCorp Safety Culture

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