Sand Management Out of This World


Did you see the recent NASA photos by the James Webb Space Telescope? How amazing were they!? This breath-taking image of “Cosmic Cliffs” showcase Webb’s cameras’ capabilities to peer through cosmic dust, shedding new light on how stars form.

At EnerCorp, we saw this picture and thought, “Wow, the universe needs Sahara Sand Cyclones to filter out all that space sand!”. We can’t help ourselves…we LIVE and BREATHE sand management technologies! If anyone has a contact name for the Production Superintendent of the universe please leave their number below so we can strap some rockets to a Sahara Sand Cyclone and send it to space. We can automate the dump cycles too so the astronauts don’t have to live in space.

Call us today to discuss your sand management needs - be it here on earth or in outer space.

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