Sahara Advanced Cyclone posts

Nov. 08, 2023

What does it mean to be a fit-for-purpose organization?

At EnerCorp, we do things differently. We understand that the same equipment cannot be used for a variety of applications. Read more
Oct. 16, 2023

EnerCorp’s Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone Available to Rent

At EnerCorp, meeting the needs of our customers is our main priority. We spend a lot of time analyzing market trends in order to determine what our customers are going to need months down the road so that we can be adequately prepared with our service offerings. Read more
The Sahara Family
Oct. 16, 2023

The Sahara family: Unparalleled sand management solutions for any challenge

EnerCorp has led the industry in sand management services, developing the ground-breaking Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone with a sand capture rate of over 97%. Beating all other cyclonic sand separators on the market, the Sahara has made a place for itself in the oil and gas industry and is known by operators for its exceptional performance and results. Read more
Oct. 16, 2023

Flowback 2.0 Eliminates Sand Issues While Reducing Footprint in South Texas

Our application engineering team met with the customer early on in the process to better understand their requirements, goals, and needs — as well as what obstacles were standing in their way. Read more
Oct. 16, 2023

Haynesville Operator Saves Big with Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone

Over 25 days of flow, the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone captured 32,248 lbs of sand, which is a sand capture rate of 99.9%. Read more
Oct. 26, 2023

Efficiently Manage your Flowback Operations with EnerCorp

Wondering how to make your flowback operation more efficient? Read more
Oct. 26, 2023


Want to learn more about our industry-leading Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone technology? Read more
Oct. 16, 2023

How a superior process produces superior outcomes

It’s true that all wells are unique, but there are certain wells that stand out. Whether it’s because of the geography, sand production rate, well pressure, or flow rate, some wells start out with a bang. However, whether a well is predictable or unusual, they require skilled service providers that have a superior process in place — backed by application engineers and highly experienced field personnel — to bring the process to life. This is how EnerCorp ensures superior outcomes for our customers. Read more
Oct. 16, 2023

Why are you incurring the cost of utilizing temporary test separators during your flowback?

Today, it’s common for operators to use test separators in the flowback space. Traditionally, these pieces of equipment. Read more
Featured Image - Haynesville coiled tubing case study by EnerCorp
Dec. 15, 2022

Haynesville Customer Saves Big On Coiled Tubing and Sand Carryover Damage Costs with EnerCorp

Cost Savings Case StudyHaynesville Customer Saves Big On Coiled Tubing and Sand Carryover Damage Costs with EnerCorpLocation: Haynesville ShaleThe ProblemA client in the Haynesville was looking to reduce expenses while eliminating the need for coiled tubing to drill out plugs. As a result, both wellbores on site were completed using only dissolvable plug technology. However, this posed a major challenge Read more