US Leader of the Year


Each year EnerCorp recognizes our Leader of the Year for both the United States & Canada. These people are individuals, nominated by their peers, who embody the true spirit of leadership, integrity, work ethic, teamwork and caring.

For 2020 in the US, Valerie Boerema was recognized with this award.  Valerie embodies the true spirit of leadership and EnerCorp core values.

She exemplifies a positive leadership style that motivates and empowers others, leading by example and always willing to help others with a smile on her face.  She handles all situations with grace and wisdom and is a true role model for our entire Team.

Thank you, Valerie, for everything that you do, we are grateful to have you as a leader in the EnerCorp organization.

 Pictured above is Valerie receiving her award from Christina Meineke, SVP of Finance for EnerCorp.

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