We Prepare For Success In Sand Management


Famous basketball coach, John Wooden, once said “confidence comes from being prepared”. That’s why EnerCorp’s operations team is highly confident in our ability to execute.

We don’t just send you a list of equipment and pricing when we bid for your flowback and sand management needs. We start by understanding your needs, and based on your specific well’s requirements, our engineers develop a solution to meet those needs.  As part of our bid process, we provide a detailed Process Flow Diagram (PFD) that details the blueprint for how we will service your wellsite. This process starts with field engineering, is approved by our customers, further reviewed by Regional Management, and executed on by our highly skilled rig up crews.

Every location and well is different so it’s critical for a successful operation to ensure every valve is properly placed, every bypass is on point, every safety relief valve is appropriately sized, every piece of equipment being flowed through is rated for the proper pressure, and every detail is covered to ensure 100% success.

Attention to detail, that’s just a fraction of what sets EnerCorp apart from the traditional flowback company you’re utilizing today.

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