When most people use the word manliness you think of big strong men with tough exteriors who don’t cry and likely have really great mustaches and beards. Well…maybe not the facial hair thing even though these guys have a strong beard game.

At EnerCorp, we think what makes these men so manly is the fact that they sacrifice every day for their families. They work in the wind, the rain, the cold, the heat. They work 12, 14, 16 hour shifts. They are gone from home 20, 30, 40 days away from their loved ones. They sacrifice...not because it’s glamorous or to seek attention...they sacrifice because they love their wives and kids more than their own comfort. They sacrifice because they love this industry and they realize the importance of their jobs to ensure oil & gas production flows to the millions of Americans that rely on them every day.

These are manliest men you’ll ever meet and we’re forever grateful for the sacrifice they make every day for their families, our nation, for the collective EnerCorp team, and for our customers.

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