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The Challenge

10k Cyclone inline during Frac plug drill outs in the Duvernay zone, Western Canada.

High Pressures and high sand content during frac plug drill outs has always been harsh environment, massive erosion of surface equipment is very costly as well as hazardous to field personal operating the surface equipment.


EnerCorp's 10K Sand Cyclone.
The first completion total wash bill was $30K in manifold parts, debris catcher screens not to mention post-job repairs. After using the 10K sand Cyclone on second completion, we reduced the total wash bill to $2250.00, two one inch stems and one major repair kit for a 2 inch plug valve.Client Operations Manager

“It’s great not having a restriction of flow (plugging at choke) which can be a cause of getting coil stuck in the hole. The safety aspect was greatly improved as washouts are eliminated and on the fly choke changes. I would recommend the EnerCorp sand separator to anyone.”Frac Flowback Supervisor
Drill out