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Join the EnerCorp Sand Solutions team June 12 - 14, 2018, at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary. Our friendly sand management experts are at the show and ready to answer your questions about sand management and optimizing for production.  Drop by Booth 3404, and see the results from real case studies where EnerCorp sand solutions and technologies have created a significant impact on production, solving for persistent and complex sand issues.


On the tankless facilities (satellite facility) liquid, EnerCorp Transfer Pumps were used to send oil and water to remote storage facilities.

Sand, that was coming from the well, and effluent were accumulating into a separator, which led to a reduction of separator retention time. Sand that flowed from an oil and water line was also causing Transfer Pumps (ceramic) seals and bodies to wash out.

The problem made itself known when a newly installed seal lasted one to two days before failure. This resulted in well shuts almost daily, and up to three days of well flow downtime for separator clean out and seals as well as associated parts replacement.

As a trial, the producer installed EnerCorp sand removal equipment on the two wells and had no flow downtimes over a full six weeks.


As a result of our efforts, EnerCorp greatly improved the customer's production process and installed permanent sand removal units. What started as a trial period is now a key component for this customer to achieve their goal of up to 85% of their facilities, by 2019, set up remotely.

“We appreciate everything that you all are doing for us on our projects this year and we are looking forward to continuing a strong relationship between the companies moving forward.”EnerCorp Customer Testimonial