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Experienced EnerCorp Operators like Luis Lerma are just one example of why EnerCorp is the leader in well flow management.

At EnerCorp, we bring an engineered solution to every job to ensure maximum safety and efficiencies.

We recognize the need for engineered processes like calculating partial pressure curves to fully understand equipment needs before a job begins. Did you know when water is present with H2S, a series of chemical reactions occur as the well fluids make contact with the flow iron? These chemical reactions can cause the steel piping to become more brittle and can also result in loss of piping wall thickness. Temperature, pressure, and H2S concentration impact the rate at which the steel deteriorates and this must be understood to properly control the well fluids. This is why calculating partial pressure scenarios is critical to H2S operations.

Understanding our business to detailed levels such as this and much more is why we are the leader. Having the right equipment and the best-trained personnel on-site to ensure your H2S operations go off without incident is our focus every day.

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