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EnerCorp Creates Customized Sahara Advanced Cyclone for Supermajor IOC

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The Problem

One of our clients — a supermajor IOC — had an issue finding desanding technology that could adapt to various production ranges throughout the lifecycle of the well while maintaining highly efficient sand capture. Plus, they needed this in harsh cold weather conditions. They were having trouble finding a reliable service provider because adhering to the specifications and engineering demands of a supermajor was not available from most other equipment fabricators.

After discussions with our engineering team, the clients decided to use EnerCorp’s sand management technology, specifically the Sahara Advanced Cyclone, in a winterized environment. As a result, we needed to customize the package to meet the needs of cold weather conditions.

The Solution

EnerCorp is the only service provider that offers a technology which adapts to varying production rates from flowback through to production. This is achieved using our Sahara Advanced Cyclone which has adjustable capabilities to optimize flow velocities for the highest sand separation efficiency possible.

From our 35,000 Ft2 fabrication facility in Grande Prairie, Alberta, our experienced engineers, along with our quality control and project management teams, are able to design, build, and customize any sand management equipment based on our clients’ specifications.

Winterized Sahara Advanced Cyclone

The Results

Not only did the Supermajor client receive the sand management equipment that was designed specifically for their well conditions, we demonstrated the kinds of processes and procedures the clients required in order to get their desired results.

The supermajor was confident in EnerCorp’s ability to meet their rigorous requirements because of our experience in developing customized solutions for our clients. While our production equipment fabrication division are experts in creating any technology solution for our clients’ environment, our organization as a whole offers fit-for-purpose solutions. We begin any project by understanding the specific challenges our clients are facing, and then work from there to arrive at the solution — unlike other service providers who often begin with a solution without fully looking into the parameters of the wellsite.

In addition to sand management, our production equipment fabrication team creates solutions for fluid separation and production processing needs. With complete project packaging, equipment customization, and full project oversight, our clients get the exact technology they need for their application.

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