EnerCorp’s Test Separators deliver the best-in-class fluid and sand separation.

The EnerCorp Sand Flowback Test Separator range is designed to cover all of the scenarios that customers may encounter while flowing high volumes of fluid and sand. EnerCorp Separators are uniquely designed and equipped with state of the art instrumentation, as well as conventional instrumentation, to elevate efficiency, safety, and versatility.

Our units are capable of enhanced process protection to the point of running with only remote or periodic supervision. From low GOR oil wells to high rate dry gas wells, EnerCorp has the separator solution necessary to safely and efficiently accomplish the job.

Secure Control

Separation Innovation

Sand Flowback Test Separators range from 650 psi – 1440 psi and are 4-phase with solids handling components on inlet for knockout & easy, effective solids flushing. All separators are equipped with dedicated Hi/Lo level ports for process safety instrumentation and automation. Enhanced separation equipment employing hydrocyclone technology to enhance solid, liquid, gas separation and demulsification.

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  • Sand Retention During Flowback
  • Production Well Testing
  • Early Production Facilities
  • Arctic Environments
  • H2S Environments

Benefits & Features

EnerCorp’s experts can help you interpret information and optimize your operations to improve efficiency, increase productivity rates, and protect your installations and personnel, throughout the life of the well.

EnerCorp’s operations employ the most robust equipment available, sized to handle the flow rates and pressures experienced in both conventional and unconventional completions.


  • Enhanced Process Safety Systems
  • Remote Surveillance Ready
  • Strainers on all meters
  • Closed System Relief
  • Triple Relief Devices
  • Level Switch Protection
  • Over-sized Drains
  • Vortex Breakers
  • Easy Clean Sight Glass
  • Incorporates 1/8” Corrosion Allowance
  • Vessel is ASME Section VIII Div 1
  • NACE MR 01-75 Construction
  • Low Emission Instrumentation
  • Ample Sampling Points

EnerCorp Separators are designed to elevate

efficiency, safety, and versatility

EnerCorp’s pressure control manifolds are designed to deliver

EnerCorp’s heavy-duty, double barrier (double block and bleed) choke systems provides safety and operational efficiency when working with the dangers of high pressure.

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