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Oct. 16, 2023

Why are you choosing to pay more for flowback?

Flowback can be a fairly costly part of the production process, largely due to high day rates as a result of large equipment footprints. In many cases, operators use test separators during flowback — which increase costs tremendously. Read more
The Sahara Family
Oct. 16, 2023

The Sahara family: Unparalleled sand management solutions for any challenge

EnerCorp has led the industry in sand management services, developing the ground-breaking Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone with a sand capture rate of over 97%. Beating all other cyclonic sand separators on the market, the Sahara has made a place for itself in the oil and gas industry and is known by operators for its exceptional performance and results. Read more
Oct. 16, 2023

Simplify Sand Management: Experience the Difference with eFlowback!

Looking for a game-changing solution to optimize your flowback operation? Look no further. It’s time to make the switch to eFlowback, our fully autonomous flowback ecosystem designed to enhance efficiency and productivity like never before. Read more
Oct. 16, 2023

eFlowback Success in Permian

We’re thrilled to share a recent success story with you! An operator in the Permian was completing new wells and reached out to EnerCorp for a flowback solution that would reduce sand carryover rates and enhance production. Read more
Permian eFlowback
Oct. 16, 2023

eFlowback Manages Over 2,000 lbs of Sand Per Hour In Permian

An operator in the Permian was completing new wells and was looking for an innovative flowback solution that wouldn’t leave them dealing with high sand carryover rates at their production facility. Read more
Oct. 16, 2023

A step change in emissions: eFlowback

As part of the autonomous flowback system, eFlowback, the Sahara enables operators to minimize emissions while reducing equipment and personnel costs. Read more
Oct. 26, 2023

Efficiently Manage your Flowback Operations with EnerCorp

Wondering how to make your flowback operation more efficient? Read more
Oct. 16, 2023

eFlowback automated sand management – What are you waiting for?

The oil and gas industry has always been a tumultuous one, which means that operators need to constantly adapt and evolve if they want to come out on top. Read more
Oct. 16, 2023

How to enhance flowback while lowering your costs

Enhancing production, lowering costs; These two goals are priorities for every operator. However, not all service providers prioritize these two goals for their customers, which can lead to long-term dissatisfaction. Read more
How Much Frac Sand featured image
Oct. 16, 2023

Do you know how much sand your well is actually producing?

During the flowback process, many sand management service providers offer estimated sand quantification results. In contrast, our Sand Quantification Unit, makes measuring the weight of sand an exact science Read more