US 2021 Employee of the Year, Jamie McZeal


For 2021 in the United States, Jamie McZeal, part of our flowback operations team, was nominated by his peers and selected to receive our Employee of the Year award.

Jamie clearly shows how much he truly cherishes the people he works with and his relationship with them. He spends the time to be a good mentor and help everyone around him. Jamie demonstrates integrity each day in the way he carries himself, represents EnerCorp, and does his job. Jamie is a guy who loves to work. Everyone has a bad day, but when you see Jamie on a location, he is pumped to be there doing the job for the team and customers.

Jamie is mister consistent. His managers always count on him, and the customers he serves continually sing his praises. His safety leadership and his team spirit stand out. When you think about someone on the front lines that you’d be happy to represent all that EnerCorp works for in each of our offices, it’s hard to picture anyone who would do that better than Jamie

Thank you, Jamie, for your dedication to your team and to EnerCorp, we truly appreciate your contributions.

We would also like to congratulate the runners up for the 2021 US Employee of the Year Award, Charlotte Davis, Brad Hall, Jared Alexander, Javier Perez, Steven Taylor, and Toby Boudreaux.

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