Two great EnerCorp employees share the same start date – Pin Sotelo and Rudy Ruiz, happy 5-year work anniversary with EnerCorp!

The passion and dedication Pin shows to his teammates and customers is of upmost importance in his day-to-day job. He cares for his fellow employees just as he does his own family. He expects operational excellence from start to finish, and he will not accept anything less. His attention to detail from reporting to the cleanliness of his location is something he takes pride in. He’s one to lead by example. He’s usually the first guy on pad and the last to leave. Cutting corners is not in Pin’s vocabulary. Pin is equally passionate about safety, leading the team in safety observation participation for several years in a row. Pin’s dedication and experience within his job duties has always gained the attention of his customers and has resulted in him being requested back to lead on every account he’s ever worked on.

Rudy “bear” Ruiz has shown massive growth over his time at EnerCorp. He’s always been someone you can count on, but his professionalism with customers and leadership skills are now second to none. Rudy has worked and led large projects which required highly developed technical skills. Rudy played a big part in the original Silver Tip A project, which required close to 80 Operators responsible for record setting flowrates and sand returns at the time. Rudy has gained the attention of his customers with his attention to detail and overall experience in a difficult field. Rudy too has been a safety leader, giving a Pin a run for his money year in and year out.

Pin and Rudy, thank you both so much for your dedication and passion to the EnerCorp team. We are happy to have you on the team, and we look forward to celebrating many more work anniversaries with you.

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