Another Satisfied Customer in the Duvernay Formation

It’s always a pleasure for the EnerCorp team to ship out our 3375Psi Dual Cyclonic package to another satisfied customer in the Duvernay Formation. EnerCorp cyclone packages include all the automation you need to manage your sand production.

Benefits of the EnerCorp solution include:

Scales Under Cyclone Vessel

  • Allows operator to see when Cyclone requires Blowdown
  • Weight chart for optimal efficiency and recommended Blowdown
  • Tied to SCADA for operator call out. Can automate if desired.


  • Tracks Blowdown frequency
  • Tracks accumulative weight
  • Blowdown vessel volumes
  • Operator call out
  • Operators can view Scada from cellphones without travelling to site

LLT Level Transmitter

  • Indicates Blowdown vessel volume
  • Tied to SCADA for operator call out

SOR Level Switch

  • Secondary backup for LLT
  • Tied to SCADA for operator call out

Site Glass on Blowdown Tank

  • Visual for volume in tank

Site Glass Spool on Blowdown Line

  • Visual for sand when Blowing down Cyclone vessel

Choke Valve

  • Minimal moving parts
  • Durable

Large Building w/ 24”x24” CAT Heater 12V

  • Will assist with battery life from cold temperatures
  • Large heater to keep all lines from freezing

Detailed SOP

  • Full SOP sent with each package for operator reference
  • Field Assistance
  • Start up assistance, free of charge
  • 24hr operator assistance

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