One of the quickest ways to start a debate is to discuss a chili recipe. Beans or no beans? Traditional or creative recipes? Cornbread or Fritos? We all have an opinion, and there isn’t typically much grey area.

The Enercorp West Texas team recently hosted their second annual chili cookoff, and there was no shortage of debate about the recipes (or cooks). The three finalists were Kyle – the reigning chili champ, James – a new contestant with a secret corn bread recipe, and Jodye – another new contestant bringing the girl power with a traditional recipe.

After a blind taste test from the shop team, and almost a completely unanimous vote, Jodye was named the 2022 chili cookoff champ! While there may have been some questions as to the “creation” of her recipe, we crown Jodye the winner and admire her outsourcing skills.

Jodye – congratulations on the win!

We can’t wait to see what happens next year.

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