All or Nothing is a Netflix series that tells the story of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, known as the winningest team in global sports history. Like EnerCorp, the New Zealand All Blacks have a high expectation of excellence, high level of accountability, genuinely care about each other, and like to win.

Recently, the EnerCorp management team in the Permian has taken a unique approach to further developing the core values within our employees to make them better people at work and away from work. The team has been meeting every other week for lunch to watch an episode of All or Nothing, listen to a guest speaker, and discuss the impact of the episode and speakers’ message as a team. Since they have started the series, the team has grown closer, shown visible signs of working as a stronger unit, and asked management to continue with this development because they like the changes they are seeing.

Thank you to the management team in Midland for going the extra mile for employee development, to our employees for making your professional and personal development a priority, and to Ernie Kruger for the inspiring discussion.

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