Each year EnerCorp recognizes our Employee of the Year for both the United States & Canada. These people are individuals, nominated by their peers, who actively and consistently practice all elements of EnerCorp’s culture and are genuinely concerned with the team’s success.

For 2021 in Canada, Andrew Carbonneau was recognized with this award. Andrew goes above and beyond to help his coworkers while at work and while off the clock. He is constantly asking how others are doing and finding out how he can make their work easier. Above all Andrew respects and cares for his coworkers. He is a hard worker that is always willing to put in the extra hours when needed. Andrew demonstrates his work ethic by his professionalism and dedication. He consistently follows company rules and has trust and mutual respect for his coworkers.

Andrew is a great mentor for the team and is always willing to pass on his knowledge to his fellow workers. He represents all EnerCorp’s values on a daily basis and is continuously leading by example.

Andrew, you are a true asset and a major part of our success, thank you for everything that you do!

We would also like to congratulate the runners up for the 2021 Canada Employee of the Year Award, Brandon Tingey and Llyam Stoddard.

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