Caring in our community


One of our core values at EnerCorp is Caring.

What that means to us is that we strive to portray our best selves while displaying kindness and compassion for those around us. One of the EnerCorp team members, Larry Wood, is a brilliant example of this core value for the rest of the EnerCorp family.

Recently, Larry has teamed up with members of his community to support a local hospice. Due to the COVID pandemic, residents in the hospice were being isolated from their families. So Larry and members of the community worked together to find safe ways for the residents to be able to see and talk to their loved ones. They funded the materials for and built panels that provided additional safeguards beyond social distancing to protect the hospice patients. A very special thank you to Larry and his cohorts for taking action to support people in need.

If you would like to support this effort, please reach out to Larry by email at [email protected]

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