Custom dual filter system


Do you have a unique challenge with sand or solids in your production? EnerCorp can help you solve it.

We recently worked with a Canadian producer who needed a desanding solution to eliminate issues and damage to their gas compression systems.  The EnerCorp Grande Prairie Team worked with the client to understand their application and the problems they were experiencing then developed a custom solution.  Our team designed and fabricated this dual filter system with a completely contained blowdown system to minimize environmental emissions.

The client chose to work with EnerCorp due to our team’s ability to deliver a solution tailored to their application’s requirements.  The technology we delivered reduced the amount of equipment needed to solve the problem, reduced piping requirements, minimized emissions and mitigated sand damage.  Let our almost 15 years of sand management experience help you eliminate your next sand challenge.

To learn more about our fabrication capabilities:

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