The Most Efficient Sand Cyclone We’ve Ever Seen

Sand Cyclone on Site in Texas well pad.

Dynacorp recent received a glowing testimonial from a customer who saw fantastic results with their new sand management solution, saving them both time and money.

“We’ve got the Dynacorp Sand Management Skid on the Anna 4 well site and it’s taking out 94% of the sand with the Cyclone which is a sand can on “steroids” and the filter is capturing the remaining 6% of the finest sand particles getting 100% of the sand out of our oil production. Prior to switching to Dynacorp we had over 100 hours of downtime, 10 ESD Valves and Separator dumps wash out and nothing but problems on this pad. We’ve been flowing 140BBL’s per hour through the Sand Management Skid and making 180 gallons of sand per day and aren’t seeing any sand at all in our facilities. If you want a solution for fixing sand problems, this is key and call Dynacorp.”Site Superintendent - Leading Producer in North Dakota

If your company or operation can benefit from similar results, be sure to contact Dynacorp today and speak with one of our experienced sand solution experts.

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