Haynesville Case History

Haynesville Case History showing a $25,500 savings
Haynesville Case History showing a $25,500 savings

EnerCorp recently saved a client $25,500 on a 15 day flowback job in the Haynesville by reducing consumables and equipment damage charge backs.

In this application, our client wanted to compare the sand capture efficiency of our Mojave Dual Cyclone versus a standard cyclone commonly used in this market. On a two well location, each well was rigged up in a sequence as follows: wellhead - plug catcher - cyclone - manifold - cyclone - test separator - production facility. On well one, the Mojaves were used as the cyclones. On well two, standard cyclones were utilized.

The Mojaves caught 28,426 lbs of sand on their well while the standard cyclones only caught 15,480 lbs. The Mojave technology was keeping sand out of the client's production facility. Additionally, there was $33,632 worth of damaged parts from sand wash out with the standard cyclones while the Mojave wells only experienced $8,045 in damages. That is a 75% reduction in damages to be charged back, the Mojave Dual Cyclone delivers again!

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