Living our Safety Culture


At EnerCorp, we take pride in living our core values and workplace safety standards while at work as well in our personal life.

Recently, our Midland General Manager, Kyle, shared a “proud dad moment” that we feel everyone should hear:

“My family loves making jokes about my safety discussions with them when I’m correcting a situation I feel is unsafe. I never knew if they were truly listening since they are young boys that don’t have a care in the world. The other day, my oldest son and my wife were carrying rocks to make a walkway. He noticed his mom was struggling due to the weight of a rock, and he actually called ‘’stop work authority’’. His own words!!! My wife put the rock down and they discussed why he felt it was unsafe. I was so proud. Don’t ever think your kids aren't listen and give up on safety with them, cause they are. What you correct today will help them see the value of doing things safely to keep them from getting hurt tomorrow.”

What are ways you practice safety at work and at home? Do you have any proud safety or parenting moments to share? Tell us about them in the comments.

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