At EnerCorp, caring is one of our core values. The ultimate award for embodying this core value is being awarded the “Brothers Keeper” award. To give you an idea of how special this award is, only three have been awarded in company history.

We are proud to recognize Nick Brinson as the most recent recipient of the EnerCorp Brothers Keeper Award!

Nick was leaving a location when he saw an oil truck turned over on its side with the driver still in the cab. Instead of choosing the easy way out, and continuing to drive, he made the decision to care and stopped to offer assistance. Nick checked on the driver, searched for any leaking fluid from the semi, helped the driver get out of the cab, confirmed he was stable, called 911, drove to the main road to flag down emergency personnel, and confirmed the first responders had the scene handled before leaving.

Nick, thank you for being such an outstanding man and showing you care. Employees like you are what define the EnerCorp culture.

Please join us in congratulating Nick on this award!

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