AOG Patagonia: Sand Management Services & Technology

SouthAM james pung gerardo smith
Enercorp CEO James Pung at the AOG Patagonia

It was an honour for EnerCorp to present our value driven, ‘Sand Management Services & Technologies’ at the recent AOG Patagonia event in Neuquén, Argentina, In addition, the team also had an amazing opportunity to speak in Buenos Aires at the ‘The Instituto Argentino del Petroleo y del Gas (IAPG)’.

Special thanks to the Alberta Economic Development, Global Affairs Canada, and the Argentine / Canadian Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring and coordinating this important oil & gas trade mission.

EnerCorp is proud to support Argentine E&P’s with our differentiating technologies and expertise. We believe this collaborative effort will help propel this growing shale play into a world leader. EnerCorp will be there to provide improved production, increased efficiencies, increased proppant loading capabilities, and value-driven savings, while protecting production facility assets.

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