Thank You, Kathy!

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How amazing is it when the spouse of one of your team members supports him by traveling hundreds of miles away from home to cook food for your field team?

This is exactly what Kathy Hannah did for our team during the Christmas break.  She is the wife of Karl Hannah, our field supervisor in the Permian.

Keeping our nation’s cars fueled in the summer and our homes warm in the winter requires the sacrifice of men and women who often times work away from home for weeks to months at a time. At EnerCorp, our teams work night and day away from home and this can be a tough strain on family life. While tough, couples like Kathy and Karl show us what it means to win together in marriage and in life no matter the challenges. We can’t begin to express how grateful we are to the spouses of our team members who spend significant time away from their loved ones for the sake of our industry and our company.

So today, we salute the Kathy Hannahs of our industry who love their spouses in a way only #energystrong couples can know. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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