The Champ


Everybody likes a good head-to-head heavyweight match up, right?

EnerCorp recently worked with a client on a 25 MMSCF per day dry gas well in the Marcellus Shale where our Sahara Advanced Cyclone was measured against a major service company's “advanced cyclone.” The Sahara performed like a champ capturing more than 97.5% of the sand ahead of a filter downstream. By comparison, the other company's advanced cyclone was only capturing 85.3% of the sand. This means 488% more sand was carrying over past their cyclone!

Why did EnerCorp outperform? The precision engineering of the Sahara took us a year of computational modeling and product development to achieve. Additionally, EnerCorp customizes the Sahara for each application based on expected flow rates and pressures. The details matter if you want to be the champ!

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