EnerCorp Flowback 2.0 in West Texas

Why EnerCorp is One of the Leading Flowback Companies in Texas

At EnerCorp, we take our role as one of the leading flowback companies in Texas seriously. We didn’t get to this level of success by chance, and it didn’t happen overnight.

The history of EnerCorp began long ago in 2008, when Dynacorp was founded. Since then, our team has worked tirelessly to develop innovative technology solutions that streamline flowback operations for our clients.

The EnerCorp flowback process

One of our key differentiating factors that really sets us apart from any other flowback company in Texas, and around the world, is our process. Other flowback companies begin a client engagement by simply bidding an equipment list. They present the client with their day-rates for various machinery, haul it all out to the wellsite — along with a lot of personnel — and begin the job.

There is little concern about what kind of results the client is looking to achieve or what the well flow management requirements are. This means there is often a lot of wasted money as some equipment isn’t really needed, and additional personnel are required to staff all the extra equipment on location.

At EnerCorp, we achieve the results our clients are looking for by going about flowback differently. With our US headquarters near Houston and a strong presence in the Permian Basin, the Eagle Ford, and the Haynesville, this is how we became one of the leading flowback companies in Texas:

  1. Gathering requirements: We begin by discussing the major challenges our clients are facing at their wellsite, what results they want to achieve, and what obstacles are standing in their way. Our sales and engineering teams understand our clients’ expected oil, water, and gas rates, as well as their pressures and sand loading metrics.
  2. Reviewing solutions together: After carefully researching our options, we offer our clients 2-3 different solutions that will help them reach their goals. We discuss optimized layouts for equipment, the personnel required for each, as well as the expected results. This helps clients understand the benefits of each option.
  3. Implementing plans at the site: After we have established the best solution and equipment layout for our clients’ site, the highly trained field service team rigs it up. Our personnel are experienced and trained so clients have peace of mind that the machinery will be operated seamlessly without any issues or incidents.
  4. Quantifying results: Many other flowback companies don’t monitor results once flowback has started. However, we know that in order to maximize production now and in the future, it’s vital to know how your wellsite is performing. We update clients on the numbers frequently so they can see their results in real time.

Through this unique four-step process, EnerCorp changes the way oil and gas companies approach flowback.

A unique flowback approach

At the core of EnerCorp’s business is the idea that we can help our clients maximize production, minimize AFE and LOE spend, and reduce NPT by using a fit-for-purpose approach. One-size-fits-all isn’t a process we use, because all of our engagements begin by looking at the unique requirements our clients have. We offer bespoke solutions that offer greater results with decreased spend.

EnerCorp Employees walking toward flowback equipment

Industry-leading flowback technology in Texas

At the center of our flowback technology solutions is our sand management equipment. This technology is unbeatable, fully unmatched by any other solution in the market, and it allows us to implement a modern approach we call flowback 2.0. Often, our customers don’t believe our claims that we can remove over 99% of sand — until they experience it for themselves on site.

Unlike other flowback companies in Texas, we have an in-house engineering and manufacturing team that has the experience and opportunity to test out and improve the equipment we utilize on each wellsite. We’re constantly test-driving our tech, finding innovative ways to improve it so that we can better support our customers.

Broad range of solutions under one roof

We help clients get rid of the headache of dealing with multiple service providers because we offer a number of different solutions. This not only saves communication time and mobilization costs, it also streamlines processes. We offer pressure control and flowback, modernized flowback technology, well construction, and production equipment fabrication solutions.

As a result, we build long-term relationships with our clients, working with them on multiple stages throughout the lifecycle of their well. We build trust, camaraderie, and understanding. Our customers know they are going to find a solution when they come to us.

EnerCorp is constantly revolutionizing the flowback process

Bringing together industry-leading sand separation technology with automation, measurement systems, and cloud-based software, we’ve created flowback of the future.

See the next evolution of flowback in action.


Expert flowback sales, engineering, and operations teams in Texas

Having industry-leading technology is one thing, but unless you have the customer service and expertise you need to implement that technology, none of it matters. At EnerCorp, we’ve built up a team like no other in Texas. From our training to our experience, to the culture of the company and the goals we seek to attain, it all works together to make us one of the leading flowback companies in Texas.

Exceptionally well-trained team members

Our sales team work hand-in-hand with our engineering teams, gaining a deep understanding of the operational requirements our clients need. That’s why we begin each engagement by gaining an understanding of your needs rather than just bidding an equipment list.

Each of our field service personnel go through a rigorous training and mentorship program as they enter the field. As a result, we eliminate potential issues on location because our staff performs flawlessly. This minimizes the risk of injuries, reduces environmental risk, and keeps equipment functioning optimally.

Ensuring our customers have peace of mind throughout the process is the ultimate goal for our team members, and they have the training, expertise, and confidence to see it through.

Focusing on your time

The oil and gas industry can be volatile. In many situations, we understand our clients have to “hurry up and wait” until they have the green light to proceed. As a result, we know timelines can be tight. Often, you only have a few days or weeks’ notice before you need to get crews on site to begin operations.

As a result, we are highly responsive to tight turnaround times. Our crews can mobilize and begin field work in a matter of days based on our customers’ needs. EnerCorp ensures you can meet your schedule and minimize downtime at all costs.

Results-oriented culture

Our team’s core values include integrity, team work, work ethic, and caring. The organization is centered on helping our clients achieve results by working together and doing an outstanding job. One of the ways we ensure our clients reach their goals is by focusing on the numbers. We reduce NPT, equipment replacement costs, and personnel requirements so you see better wellsite outcomes every time. Going against the status quo, we also have minimal chargeback and post-project fees.

Our values also guide the way we engage with clients. At EnerCorp, you’ll never have a meeting that could have been an email or a phone call. We know that our clients’ time is valuable, so we never approach them without a specific goal or discussion in mind. We have purposeful meetings with actionable outcomes.

EnerCorp Flowback Crew

A second family

Outside of our own families, we spend the most time with people at work. That’s why we treat each person at EnerCorp like family. And when our team members are satisfied in their roles, they perform better. This results in stronger client relationships and more effective results.

If you take a look at our LinkedIn feed, you’ll see we love celebrating the successes of our team. It’s important for our network to know the faces behind the technology. This helps build more trust with clients, who can get to know the people responsible for achieving their wellsite goals.

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Starting flowback by looking at an equipment list may be the status quo, but it’s not the most effective way to get the kind of results you need for your wellsite.

Get in touch with EnerCorp today and start with our innovative approach to flowback 2.0. With industry-leading technology and an outstanding team, you’ll be able to maximize production, minimize AFE and LOE spend, and reduce NPT.

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