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Why would you use a production equipment fabricator that doesn’t operate their technology in the field?

In the oil and gas industry, across North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia, there are several production equipment fabricators. When you’re looking for customized equipment for your well and its unique application, you will need to work with a fabricator that can provide oilfield equipment that’s going to get your job done. However, how do you know which production equipment fabricator is going to be able to provide what you need?

It’s clear there is an easy test. If you’re buying a sports car, would you trust one that has never been test driven on the track?

If you’re at a restaurant, would you want to enjoy a meal that the chef didn’t taste test while cooking? You probably wouldn’t trust the roofer working on your home if he didn’t work on his own home too.

The same goes for your oilfield equipment. Why would you work with a production equipment fabrication company that doesn’t operate their own technology in the field? We don’t recommend it.

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We use our own oilfield equipment in the field on thousands of locations each year

EnerCorp is one of the leading production equipment fabrication companies operating in North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia. However — we’re not just a production equipment fabricator. We’re also an industry-leading provider of application engineering and oilfield services.

This means we design, build, sell, rent, and operate our technology in the field.

With this end-to-end capability, we have a unique advantage that other production equipment fabrication companies don’t:

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    Holistic approach: While other production equipment fabrication companies sometimes design and manufacture their own oilfield production equipment, not many of them see that technology in action on the field. We man the wellsite, monitor the technology, and operate the production facility during flowback and early production. This all-encompassing approach provides us with engineering insight our competitors lack.
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    Continuous feedback loop: Operating our equipment (and other manufacturers’ equipment) on thousands of wellsites each year across the world, we gain continuous feedback from our field operators and our customers while at the well. We take this feedback and apply it to our technology, further improving it at each turn.
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    Highly reliable technology: Whether it’s a production separator, a sand separator for oil and gas, or another kind of oilfield equipment, you can rest assured that it has been operated in the field by our team thousands of times. This means that we have seen any potential issues first hand, improved upon the design in the next iteration, and developed industry-leading technology that performs reliably and seamlessly at your well.

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Our production equipment fabrication is improved with each use

At our 35,000 ft2 production equipment fabrication facility in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, our domain expertise in process engineering and our thorough QA/QC process ensure that each piece of oilfield equipment we create meets our customers’ high standard.

The continuous feedback loop opportunity we have — as a result of operating our equipment in the field with our customers — is highly valuable to our design and engineering process. 

When our team members are in the field setting up, manning, monitoring, and operating flowback, sand management, and production equipment, they are constantly looking for potential hurdles and ways to mitigate them. This means we have seen hundreds of potential problem scenarios come up that other production equipment fabricators may not address in their design process. We learn from each of these issues, and improve the design and manufacturing so that problem doesn’t surface again.

In addition to the continuous feedback loop, our process also includes:

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    Strict adherence to ASME and ABSA standards for design, fabrication, assembly, and inspection
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    Professional engineering review and stamping on all designs to ensure integrity, reliability, and quality
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    Registration with the National Board (for installs outside of Canada) to track the oilfield equipment throughout its service

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See our production equipment results in action

Designing, fabricating, and assembling production equipment for customers in North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia, we have seen several unique wellsite conditions. As a result, our engineers and technicians understand the specific engineering demands of our customers.

One of our customers, a supermajor IOC, was operating in harsh cold weather conditions. They were looking for highly effective sand management technology. They had met with other production equipment fabricators and none were able to meet their unique and stringent specifications.

After consulting with the EnerCorp engineering team, however, it was clear to this Supermajor IOC that EnerCorp not only had experience customizing sand management equipment for cold-weather conditions, but that our engineering and QA/QC process met their specific demands.

Our production equipment fabrication facility and our team of experienced engineers, quality control personnel, and project management staff customized the Sahara Advanced Cyclone for this Supermajor IOC.

Unlike other production equipment fabricators, EnerCorp:

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    Demonstrated engineering and QA/QC processes to satisfy the Supermajor IOC’s strict requirements
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    Customized industry-leading sand management technology to work in harsh cold-weather conditions
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    Focused on providing fit-for-purpose solutions that worked specifically for this customer’s wellsite, saving them time and money
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    Utilized our consistent feedback loop to ensure our technology performed best in class

We offer production equipment fabrication capabilities in North America, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia

Regardless of what kind of oilfield production equipment you’re looking for, it’s wise to work with a production equipment fabricator that operates their own equipment in the field. With that kind of holistic approach, you get better technology, better service, and better results.

Our production equipment fabrication capabilities are available globally, spanning North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia. From our production equipment fabrication facility in Canada, we offer:

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    Full project delivery: In addition to the pressure vessels, we can provide the accompanying valves, piping, structural equipment, custom paint, and electrical instrumentation; We can handle it all.
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    Full equipment customization: Our production equipment fabrication facility can handle any customization for pressure vessel construction and pressure ratings. We design and fabricate oilfield equipment based on your well’s specifications.
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    Full project oversight: When working with EnerCorp, you get peace of mind. Our in-house project management, engineering, and quality control teams oversee the entire process from start to finish.

Not only do we ensure your oilfield equipment is fully reliable and optimized for performance, we ensure your project is completed to your schedule and under your budget.

Don’t buy a sports car that has never been test driven

You wouldn’t trust a sports car that the manufacturer didn’t test drive — so why follow the same process for your production equipment?

Learn more about EnerCorp’s production equipment fabrication process and why we’re the leaders in designing, fabricating, assembling, and operating wellsite equipment.

Get in touch with EnerCorp today and speak with our highly experienced team about why the continuous feedback loop offers you better equipment for your production operations.

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