Winterized Saharas

Cover image for Sahara Fab for Canada Web

What is twelve feet tall and solves all of your sand production issues on surface? You are right, it is the Sahara Advanced Cyclone!

We just completed a set of winterized Saharas for a Supermajor IOC to support their Montney operations. EnerCorp worked with the client to understand their sand management challenge, identified that the Sahara was the right solution, and reviewed our proposed solution in detail with their decision makers.

Why was EnerCorp selected to address this challenge? First, we had the right technology to effectively address the problem the client was experiencing. However, we also demonstrated that EnerCorp has the right processes, procedures, and quality assurance in engineering and manufacturing to meet the rigorous requirements of a supermajor. If you have a sand management challenge, let us show you how we can address your application's needs with the broadest variety of technology on the market.

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