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1 Team, 1 Direction, 1 Vision

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At EnerCorp, 1-Team is a mindset that guides every one of us.

It is the idea that we are a united team — our employees, our contractors, our customers, our vendors, our partners, and our environment. We share one vision to not only succeed at work, but to succeed at life.


1-Team helps us remember that we don’t just work in our communities — we live in them. We raise our children here, visit the grandparents here, discover our passions here. We are a part of a team at work, and that team extends beyond the walls of the company to everyone that is impacted by what we do.

There are three community guiding principles that we continue to support at EnerCorp: Veteran/Military Service, Child Advocacy, and Physical & Mental Health Support and Services. Through our many community outreach programs, we give back any way we can because we want to leave the world a better place than when we got here.

What does 1-Team look like at EnerCorp? Here are just a few of the many ways we support our team.

How we support our employees

It’s not enough for us to just help our employees succeed at work — we want them to be successful outside of EnerCorp as well. We often have leadership speakers come to guide our team and pour into them leadership topics to make them better managers, mothers, dads, friends, and community supporters. This initiative not only helps our employees perform better at work, but they get to apply this new knowledge to their lives outside of EnerCorp as well.

How we support our customers

While EnerCorp has many causes we like to support, we also support causes our customers care deeply about. Organizations that impact veterans and youth are two areas that our customers support, and as a result we put our backing behind them too. Partnering with customers to meet their goals isn’t just about what we do at work (such as partnering with bpx energy to develop eFlowback), it’s what we do in our communities together, too.

How we support our contractors

A large percentage of our contractors convert to full-time employees each year. Do you know why? Because we treat them like our employees from day 1. This means finding them housing, providing them three meals a day, requiring safety orientations and training, providing job site tools as needed, and ensuring they have what they need to succeed at work and live a fulfilling life.

How we support our vendors 

EnerCorp works with vendors in many different areas of the industry to accomplish our customers’ goals. We ensure all vendors meet certain HSE expectations and insurance requirements through ComplyWorks before they are able to work with us. This not only moves the industry forward as a whole, but pushes the vendors to improve their own standards as well.

How we support our environment

We want to make the world a better place than when we got here, and that can be challenging in the oil and gas industry. However, we’re always up to the challenge at EnerCorp. Our team is constantly finding ways to make more energy with less energy, and our timeline of innovation proves our track record. From industry-leading sand cyclones to breakthrough autonomous technology, we are focused on improving our environmental impact and pushing the industry to do the same.

EnerCorp: more than an energy services company

Sure, we excel in the oil and gas industry, but it’s also important for us to excel in our communities as well. That’s why 1-Team is such an integral part of EnerCorp, and one that ensures all of us are better — together.
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