Canada 2021 Leader of the Year, Karl Howells


For 2021 in Canada, Karl Howells was nominated by the team and selected to receive our Leader of the Year award.

Karl truly embodies the EnerCorp values. He shows teamwork by always being there when you need him. He's always got a positive attitude and is fully dedicated to his personal safety as well as the safety of everyone around him. Since he has been lead hand, the crew has been more unified and happier than ever before.

Karl is always willing to answer questions and stop what he’s doing to assist someone else. He will loan tools and a hand whenever needed.

Thank you, Karl, for everything that you do, we are grateful to have you as a leader in the EnerCorp organization.

We would also like to congratulate the runners up for the 2021 Canada Leader of the Year Award, Andrew Carbonneau and Mike Britton.

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